Would you like to record your winter story and mix it with Vivaldi's music?
Just follow this instructions:

1. DOWNLOAD  both audacity and lame_en.dll file from the left column of this blog (sección software libre)

2. RECORD YOUR STORY. Run audacity, connect a microphone (or your headphones!) to the computer, press rec button and start reading your story. When you finish press stop button.
Don't worry if you make a mistake,repeat the sentence correctly, you can erase the incorrect part when you finish selecting the wrong part and clicking on edit-erase.

3. ADD THE MUSIC. First of all, you must have the music in mp3 format. You can obtain it from youtube, converting video to mp3 in this link:
Now you have the music, go back to audacity, and then to: archivo-insertar audio. Select where you have saved the music and it will apear in audacity.

4. MAKE A CORRECT MIX. Now you can listen together both story and music. You can now erase the end of the music if it is too long. You can also adjust volume with the volume tool.

5. SAVE YOUR WORK. You can save your project to continue working next time, going to archivo-guardar proyecto como. When you finish your work, go to archivo-exportar audio- select mp3 format and press ok. Perhaps a window appear asking you for lame_en.dll file. Show where you  have saved this file and press ok.

6. SEND YOUR WORK. Send  me your work in mp3 format as an attached file to


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